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FIM Rohto ranks among top performers in its European comparison group, 2016


Over the last few years, FIM Rohto has produced excellent returns. The fund is also among the best performers in Europe in its extensive comparison group. 

According to Morningstar, only two funds from the group of 64 health funds produced a better return than FIM Rohto this year. Measured by the one-year return, only one competitor outperformed FIM Rohto. The fund is also performing well when measured by its three-year return, and FIM Rohto beats all funds, having a better return by its return this year and its return for the last 12 months. In terms of three-year volatility, only two funds are ahead of FIM Rohto. In other words, the fund is near the top of its comparison group both when measured over different periods and using different indicators.

The health sector shares have experienced many years of strong returns. This is why even the defensive heath shares have not been saved from price decreases in the nervous market. However, as the statistics show, we would in any case have done very well in competitor comparisons both on rising and falling markets. Many positive drivers, such as mergers and acquisitions, are likely to continue this year. The valuation multiples of health shares are not cheap, but following the market adjustment they are nevertheless considerably more attractive than during last summer. Price fluctuations are likely to continue in the sector, both due to market instability and the approaching presidential election in the US

FIM Rohto has had an Elite rating of 10 for a good time now. The fund has been awarded four stars by Morningstar.

Fund Manager Tapani Koskenkari is in charge of the FIM Rohto fund. In operation for 15 years now, the fund has been globally investing in companies operating in the healthcare sector. Its key investment objects include pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and companies producing healthcare equipment, accessories and services.